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Symphonic concert

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Private event

online 360 degree panorama


Real Estate

realistic "Dollhouse" virtual tour


Tourism fair

Virtual tour

Creche Spillkescht, Dippach

Virtual tour, 22 panoramas

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Corporate event

360 panorama for social media

TV Show

360 panorama for social media

Pub / Restaurant

360 panorama for social media

Car showroom

interior 360 degree panorama

Real estate sale

Virtual tour, 28 panoramas

Please scroll down to reveal a selection of some of my works, which will arouse your imagination about how your business, event or location would look like in 360degree panoramas or in a virtual tour.


About me

As a kid I was a constant customer for photo studios. I guess this was actually not the beginning of the passion, but its continuation, as the first contact with photography was much earlier. My mother, teacher in a school, organized the photography circle and had a laboratory fitted with everything it needed: a red light hanging from the ceiling, two basins for the liquids needed to develop the negatives, a wire to dry the developed films and a device to “transfer” the image from the developed film to paper. Even if, of course, this was an improvisation compared to real photo studios, for a 2 year-old it was simply amazing.

In the year 2000, as a teenager, I spent all my savings for a revolutionary device: A digital camera. A Kodak DC3400 which was as expensive as a mid-level DSLR nowadays, although with only 2MP and 2x zoom. But it was the daybreak of a new era in technology.

I changed a couple of digital cameras but never made a higher performance than occasional hobby photography. Until the day when, 24 years old and traveling through a huge country, I decided to stop smoking and replace the smoking breaks while traveling by car, with something more productive. This is how I bought the first DSLR and wide-angle lens and began to flirt with stitching and creating 360degree photos. Soon I switched my Olympus E520 DSLR with a Nikon 5100 and then a Canon 5D Mark II, the industry standard at that moment.

In the meantime, I was one of the first panoramic photographers who delivered for (click here for the 360cities profile with 750+ panoramas) and Google Earth, and later for Getty Images. Today, after 9 years of collaborations with these top companies, I count more than 750 360degree panoramas and virtual tours delivered, with more than 1 million views only on being a Maestro/Expert member. Some of the companies who licensed panoramas delivered by me are Associated Newspapers Ltd, Oculus VR LLC, France Travel Magazine and other.


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your eye tomorrow"

          I believe that 360degree photography and videography is a bespoke tailored service, very hard to be put in page in form of a price list. But for transparency and to have a first idea, therefore a price list would be absolutely impossible to put in place. 


- 360 degree photography in your location, at the time agreed

- full 360x180 degree photography. No partial panoramas called "360"

- no travel costs in the southern half of Luxembourg (travel costs for other locations to be discussed)

- ready-to-use Flash and HTML5 files, for easy embedding to your website or your social media account by yourself or your website designer

- embedding also for Android and iOS mobile devices

- Panorama resolution of 10.000 pixels width

- royalty-free: no further costs from your side

Further services on request. Please use the contact form located on this page. I would be happy to advise you!


Let's talk

About how my services can help you boost your online visibility

Michael Pop

Mob: +352 661 254 125

Mail: michael[ @ ]

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